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What is Fibroblast skin tightening?

Fibroblast skin tightening uses a voltaic arc to retract the tissues in skin, creating a tighter and more youthful looking skin. The procedure is non-surgical and chemical-free. It’s sometimes referred to as “soft surgery” because it delivers similar results to surgery, without the scalpel, stitches or bandages. Fibroblast is less invasive, less expensive, and lower-risk than surgical alternatives. Recovery time is also significantly faster.

What makes fibroblast unique is that is can treat a variety of skin conditions and imperfections without actually cutting the skin.
– Eyelid tightening – above and below the eyes
– Skin tags and sunspots
– Tightening post-pregnancy stomach skin
– Reducing the visibility of acne scars
– Wrinkles and lines around the mouth
– Neck and jowl tightening
– Even kneecaps and underarms

how does it work?

Fibroblast skin tightening works without cutting or chemicals. An extremely precise device called a plasma pen is used to create an electric arc that affects the epidermis. The targeted tissues retract and the skin tightens, reducing or removing wrinkles and lines in the skin. Results are comparable to invasive and expensive plastic surgeries, but it is all-natural and has many distinct advantages.

How much do the procedures cost?

A single procedure can cost as little as $150, to upwards of $1,000. Different areas of the body will require varying amounts of precision and time. Therefore, Crown Fibroblast provides all trainees with suggested rates for each type of procedure, to make sure they are confident that they are charging their clients in a fair and appropraite manner.

Does everyone qualify for the procedure?

Not everyone is a candidate for fibroblast. First of all, the candidate’s skin tone must fall into a certain range. Using the Fitzpatrick skin scale (below), Crown Fibroblast will train you exactly which skin types are candidates for fibroblast skin tightening.

In addition, there are many contraindications, or disqualifying factors that the practitioner must watch out for. Crown Fibroblast will teach you what the contraindications are so you can properly qualify your clients. For the safety of the client, it is crucial that the fibroblast practicioner knows exactly what all the disqualifying factors are.

Can it be used to remove skin tags?

Yes. Not only can the procedure be used to remove unsightly skin tags, it can be used for hyperpigmentation, as well. Of course, that is all in addition to skin tightening and wrinkle-removal.

What type of equipment and tools will I need?

All Crown Fibroblast trainees who opt for “The Professional” or “The Works” training course will receive a full fibroblast kit, including all tools and equipment needed to start performing procedures. In addition to the plasma pen, there are a number of solutions and other items that are neccessary for a safe and successful procedure. 

Is it sanitary?

Absolutely. As with any procedure, however, it is dependant upon the practicioner to maintain safe and sanitary methods to ensure client safety. Crown Fibroblast emphasizes safety in the training course and will teach you everything you need to know to maintain a sterile and sanitary workstation. 

The client also must take steps before and after the procedure to reduce the risk of infection or other adverse effects. Trainees will be taught what these steps are and will receive clear aftercare instructions with the included training manual. 

Can you teach me how to market the procedure and sell it to clients?

Yes! What makes the Crown Fibroblast training course especially valuable is that we will not only teach you the procedure, we will teach you valuable business skills to help you succeed. We will provide the tools and advice you need to begin making money right away! 

Don’t forget, we include LIFETIME Free Contact Support with all of our training courses. You will have peace of mind knowing that we are here to support you when you have questions. 

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